“You can chase the truth, but you’re probably standing near it.”-
That Alone Will Set You Free - MDB

Dear Friends. 

Today will mark my first full-length, music release in just over ten years.   Here’s the thing: The Beauty Of This Now would not and could not exist without you. Your support and your belief in me and the songs have been the engine that has fueled me this past year. I thank you for it from the bottom of my heart.

It would be too long a list to thank everybody here, but I would like to say thanks to both Walt Wilkins and Ron Flynt in Austin who surrounded me with great musicians and made experience making the record a soulful experience. Also, if I did not have the help of Susie Markland and SHC Music Tribe, my lifeboat would’ve remained at the bottom of the forgotten ocean. My suggestion to you is to get your own Susie Markland.  Of course, it was the belief and the power of my Kickstarter friends that was both humbling and inspiring. Thank you friends.

The Beauty Of This Now is about connection and the struggle to get back home. That home is defined by our relationships with the people in our lives and the better truths that we all seek. So, ultimately, I hope you will make The Beauty Of This Now part of your life. This is the LINK to all the streaming sites and my stores on and Bandcamp.  Put it on your summer playlist and let it live in your headphones. 

New Video - “I'm Listening Now”

To service both your eyes and your ears, a new video has arrived for the song “I’m Listening Now.” Putting this video together was a fun experience. My old friend Carolann Solebello, who I’ve known since her days in the group Red Molly, spent some time together in both Vermont and North Carolina to film together. Mostly, we just laughed. 

The rest is a kind of quirky montage of my time in the studio in Austin and of friends and relations I’ve had in the last few years. I started to write “I’m Listening Now” about 12 years ago. I could never finish it until I stumbled on the line “I was trying to tell you how you should really feel.” Like many people, it took me most of my adult life to learn that It’s not always just about listening but rather, it’s about communicating. I am still learning that. However, if I must say something now, I would say to you, please have a look at the video and take some time to follow my YouTube account and let others know what you’ve seen.  

OK, now to the matters at hand. There will be a release party on my home court at the United Theatre in Westerly, Rhode Island.  I am bringing some friends along to celebrate, including Brother Chris Berardo, Abbie Gardner, The CarLeans, Sandman Allen, and Captain Jim Paradis. This will happen on Sunday, June 2 at 6 PM. This is going to be a fine day.   You can purchase online tickets HERE.  I would love to see you there.

I will leave the next day to travel by motorcar all the way out to Colorado (June 6 through June 11) for the beginning of The Beauty Of This Now Release Tour 1 We call it Release Tour 1 because after this tour I will head to Block Island where I will post up at the celebrated National Hotel and remain there until September. Then we will pick the celebration up again somewhere close to you or someone you know.

Here is a LINK to tickets, and other information for all the June tour dates, including a quick trip to Block Island for the annual Songwriter Night at the fabled Captain Nick's Rock and Roll Bar on June 16. Then I head back to The Red Lodge Songwriters Festival in Red Lodge, Montana, June 20 through June 22.

So, I thank you for reading this far and I thank you for this day.  Nothing great happens without a community of friends. Music makes things better.

Westerly, RI

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