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Marc Douglas Berardo As You Make Your Way (C) 2003 Overhead Map Music/ASCAP
As you make your way
here’s what you need to know
so that when you see the signs
you will know which way to go
You are gonna have to navigate
a lot of crooked highways
a lot of turns you’ll have to take alone
before that road leads you home
People in this world are gonna judge you
but don’t assume that makes you wrong
just don’t let anyone control you
don’t let them change the way you sing your song
You see, your mama’s always talking
about keeping you away from the bad
i know you’re gonna have to get your little heart broken
before you realize the love you had
So work hard,
hard work is good
hard work will reap for you just what it should
as he who gives his sweat and blood
avoids getting swept away in the flood
But don’t be afriad to take a moment
to fill up your cup
have a litle fun out there as your going
don’t be afraid to live it up
If you need a friend, you just call me
do not hesitate
i will be here for you darling
as you make your way
as you make your way