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You are not broken
Your wings are not clipped
It is just a temporary melancholy into to which you have slipped
Maybe it didn’t work out
But you got to love just the same
But it is time to put that memory behind a picture fram

Pack up your bag Close the drawer
You don’t have to dance around each other anymore
Something’s not right and You can’t fix it all tonight
But there are some feelings here that you can’t ignore
Like how before you even walk out that door
You are already gone

Put the wind at your back and ride this one out
You have come too far to give up now
Everything you need you can carry through the door
Don’t even stop to think about what you are leaving for

They’ll be No more empty promises, no more keeping score
No more dodging bullets in this dirty little war
Give yourself as break let your heart just rest
And bandage up the places that you’ve bled
And listen to the voice in your head
Telling you you’re already gone

Gather all your thoughts and gather your things
Gather your strength and leave the key
Scars and Wisdom
They are earned and then owned
Something you carry from everyplace you have roamed

You are made of whalebone and getting stronger everyday
Just take what you need and be on your way
You are tough as stone and you can be alone
So here you stand at the dimming of the day
And there is nothing left that anyone can say
You are already gone
Marc Douglas Berardo (C) 2012 Overhead Map/ASCAP