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Letting You Blow Away

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Letting You Blow Away ©2023 Overhead Map Music/ASCAP
Produced by MDB and Chris Berardo
Recorded at Mark Dann Recording Inc., Woodstock, NY.
Mastered by The SoundLab, Charlotte, NC, Jan 2023
Marc Douglas Berardo - vocals and acoustic guitar
Abbie Gardner - (Red Molly) Dobro
Eric Parker - (Orleans, Ian Hunter, Joe Cocker) drums
Mark Dan - (Richard Shindell, John Gorka) bass
Dr. Westchesterson- organ and piano
Chris Berardo - background vocals


Letting You Blow Away
Marc Douglas Berardo

©2023 Overhead Map Music/ASCAP

Standing on the edge of a turquoise sea thinking of you and searching for me.
Untying the lines and casting off winter’s ghosts and letting you blow away.

Wild bird lands on low wire the day is done, the sky on fire
I‘ve got one hand holding tightly onto mangrove root the other is letting you blow away.
The rush of the wings of the low flying loon
The Harbor lights, the yellow moon
I carried you closely down every wild road I’ve run but now I’m letting you blow away.
I’m letting you blow away from the deepest places and across the bay
over Gulf and the into distant forming storm
I’m letting you blow away
Staring out across the western sky it is clear there are things that I can longer deny
so I’m giving up what was never mine and letting you blow away
As much as I will always love you
As much as I will always care
I can no longer hold you in these strengthening winds
so, I’m letting you blow away