• Quotes, Observations and Press Pool Praise

    "Marc Douglas Latest single is called "The Hard Part" and it's easy on te ears, bursting with hopeful lyrics as a piano dances across guitar and percussion" Aimsel Ponti - Press Heral, Portland, ME  
  • Bravery.  The new song “The Hard Part” from Marc Douglas Berardo forthcoming album inspires you to be brave in the darkest time. With a folk-rock groove, he takes you to a place within yourself to make changes you want to see in the world. Compassion is one of Berardo’s superpower ingredients in his songwriting.”  MarySue Twohy, SiriusXM Program Director, SiriusXM Satellite Radio 

    "This realistic and optimistic new single from Marc Douglas Berardo questions the hard parts of life and the hope that we will not only face difficulties but to find the ability to surpass. “The Hard Part” is certainly a song for our era.  Bruce Swan, Programmer / Host , Asheville FM 103.3  WSFM-LP 103.3  Ashevillefm.org

  • "Berardo collects song awards like some people collect stamps." Mary Sue Twohy - The Village, Sirius/XM Radio
  • "High quality story-telling picking and playing."  Rob Ellen - The Medicine Show Radio Moose Mobile, U.K.

    “Marc Douglas Berardo always captivates the room from the first note to the final bow. His ability to have an audience crying one minute and laughing the next defines his artistry as a songwriter, but the real evidence of his skill as an entertainer is that people leave his shows with stacks of CDs, asking when he’ll be back.” Mile High Music, CO. 
  • "Marc Douglas Berardo writes songs that are witty without being superficial, intelligent without being ponderous, fun without being silly. He performs them with an infectious verve. On top of that, he doesn't seem to have the slightest idea of just how good he is."   David Olney, Legendary American Songwriter and Performer, Nashville, TN.
  • “Marc is my kind of songwriter: thoughtful but not overwrought, smart but not overly clever.  Great language. He can get to the point, and he tells a good story. He’s got a Big, open heart for characters, and real people Trying to make it in this world. His songs often have cool surprises. He is a performer of the first order.”   Walt Wilkins, Waltstock, Walt Wilkins and The Mystiqueros 
  • "So great to see you last night!!! We so needed that !!! Wow!!! you looked great, sounded incredible!! I kept looking behind us, thinking you were performing to 40,000 people !! Thank you for that." Andrew Wallach - Black Sheep House Concerts, Hamden, CT. 
  • "Marc Douglas Berardo brings positive energy to all his performances. As a musician, songwriter and entertainer, I rank him with some of the best. I'm a big fan, and always look forward to hearing him, as well as spending time with him before and after the show."- Phil Ciganer-Towne Crier Cafe, Beacon, NY.
  • "We recorded our 343rd radio show in the "In The Music Room" series - it was one of our best as we introduce you to Marc Douglas Berardo & Grace Morrison, hailing from Rhode Island and Massachusetts respectively - enjoy one of my favorite shows in a long time.+ - Randy Tredway,  In The Music Room, Waxahachie, TX.

    "Marc Douglas Berardo's newest CD WHALEBONE, will surely turn new fans on to his music. Berardo's songs are musical narratives with the feel of acoustic Springsteen, and Tom Waits or James Taylor, with a sunny Grateful Dead bounce and Buffet-eque subjects. You will want to own this one."
    -The Roots Report, Motif Magazine
  • Whalebone is a highly polished personal collection in the tradition of many clever songwriters of the past that forged songs like short stories. These songs are on the delicate trapeze of poignancy with suave rhythms, cool as an icy summer drink back-up vocals, lots of presence and personality. A little water with the whiskey so to speak -- but, not watered down. No, not watered-down at all. The performances are sincere, fluid, charming and above all gripping.”
    -John Apice-No Depression Magazine
  • "Whalebone is a confirmation of a true talent and an amazing artist." - Remo Ricaldone- Long Journey Magazine, Italy

    "This soulful singer-songwriter with the gritty edge offers a solid collection of originals with an interesting look at life, from ruminations about a relationship ("Our Troubles") to a poignant story about a counter-culture character named "Lightning," always with his acoustic guitar at the center and a full band on these rock/folk songs."- Jamie Anderson-Minor Seventh Online  
  • "Berardo has a magic way of bringing you into the story. You don't want the song to end." - Jane Falvey, Host, Kingston Coffeehouse, WRIU-FM
  • "Berardo sounds like a fishing-town Bruce Springsteen (in Nebraska mode), a soft-toned Don Henley, or a James Taylor with a literary side. The comparisons to singer-songwriter greats are infinite. They're also apt."- Fairfield County Weekly, CT
  • "Stunning, sharply drawn song portraits."- The Boston Phoenix.
  • "Your new CD is killer. I don't often spontaneously reach out to an artist after the first hearing but Downhauler blew me away. What a great collection of songs!" - John Platt-WFUV FM, NY. 

  • "Downhauler's sound has an affinity with the Californian folk-rock of the 1970's. The CD targets a mature audience. Narrative simplicity in the best sense of the word."Johnny's Garden Magazine, Netherlands 

  • "Berardo drops a gem with DOWNHAULER!  He is back from his travels with a cargo hold full of treasure. Like Hemingway,he draws his characters with pithy phrases." - More Sugar Magazine

  • "There are few things more delightful than discovering a talented  singer/songwriter. I stumbled onto Marc Douglas Berardo's disc Harbor and ended up doing him a disservice... I was so enamored it lived in my truck for well over a month before I cataloged it and took it into the Folk Show library at WPSU here in Central Pennsylvania. You can almost smell the salt air and feel the cracked, weathered wood of a ramshackle pier beneath your deck shoes when Marc sings these songs, rich with the hardships, triumphs and tragedies of the locals in the harbor town he now calls home. Hurricanes, Portugese fisherman, fried fish houses, Kennedys and kings abound. Driven by Marc's smooth voice and fluid, melodic guitar work, the songs crackle with life and emotion. I find myself most often, though, returning to the gentle hope and optimism of one of my favorite cuts, "Take it Along;" …take it along/give a little bit away/do something real and feel something every day…" Plain and simple, this disc moves me. Highly recommended - one of my most-listened to discs of 2006 and, so far, of 2007." - Jim Colbert, The Folk Show, WPSU-FM, PA.

  • "I love this. Every once in awhile, a great CD falls into my lap and I love it. This is why I review CDs. To discover someone I’ve never heard of and in the normal course of life, probably never would. Marc Douglas Berardo is one such writer. His new CD, Harbor is lovely and well worth the listen. Let me say right from the beginning, this man can write. Shake Out The Dust, the 2nd track on the CD, is a beautifully written story of the impact cancer has on a family. It’s told in simple straightforward images – written like a conversation and so effective. I was there." - The Muses Muse Magazine Online

  • "Berardo is first and foremost is a storyteller...The title song of Berardo’s Harbor CD is a stellar example of the type of storytelling which is a part of all of his work. Berardo weaves the personal with the universal to help listeners of all sorts relate to his tales." - Kathryn Vercillo -Northeast In Tune Magazine 

  • "He writes easily with careful images and great tunes. I want to sing his songs. It is so difficult to write simply and well. Berardo does both. It also helps that he can certainly play his guitar. These are real-life stories and, in the hands of a good writer, all that more believable. It's not surprising that folks are paying attention to Berardo. He's been a winner and finalist in a lot of songwriting contests. He deserves it." - Jane Eamon-Rambles-A Cultural Arts Magazine

  • "Marc Douglas Berardo's songs are like a day at the beach, filled with sensual images, of beautiful sights, warm breezes, salty ocean spray. Dig under the surface and you'll find cool dark sand waiting to be brought to the surface and swept out to sea. He reminds me of Don Henley or JohnSmith." -
    Lee Larcheveque- host of The Acoustic Cafe 91.1 FM WMUA UMass- Amherst, MA.

  • "Marc's music is like a warm breeze in March when hopes are high for a thaw...his knack for hooking a phrase and defining melodies keeps your auditory canal perked."- Steven J. Athanas-Toledo City Paper -Best Of 2003-OH.

  • "Marc Douglas Berardo writes thoughtful ballads that explore the rough spots of everyday life. He has an eye for unusual and interesting song topics. “The Rum Diary” imagines Hunter S. Thompson's wasted artiste “shadowboxing the muse” in a richly described island landscape. The laid-back musical setting drifts off like a raft towards the horizon. On As You Make Your Way, Berardo shows that determination can pay off. " - Danielle Dreilinger -Northeast Performer Magazine

  • "His lonesome, clear voice easily carries an aching beauty through introspective songs such as "Untethered" and "The Rum Diary." "The Story (Life After Hemingway)" is a lyrical stand-out, a kind of anti-"Starry Starry Night" for serious students of the heart."  - Steve Klingaman- Minor 7th Magazine 

  • "This man's music taste like a walk on a golden autumn day...the typical sound of Iowa, Wyoming, North Carolina, Florida...it is simply, great American music." - David Wonschewski -Bryter Layer Magazine Berlin, Germany

    "Harbor is an explanation in tone poem... Hollywood could make a movie based on this song alone. A few listens to Harbor might have you wondering if this praise is high enough." -  Frank Gutch Jr, FAME-The Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange 

  • "Another indie gem. I feel like I’ve made a special discovery. Imagine Bruce Springsteen stories as Glen Frey of The Eagles would tell them. Jackson Browne would kill to cover some of these songs. This is beautiful work. A gorgeous CD. A perfect soundtrack for the upcoming summer months." - Jennifer Layton-Indie-Music.com