A Note On the Current Condition. 7.16.14

Reports of my current  ailment are only half true. While my trusted house boy Kiko can type this and I have the strength to dictate, I want to let you know that I can't play tonight in Norwalk, CT with Brother Chris in our music duo because my large team of doctors believe that I was stalked and then bit by the vicious, rude and poisonous Brown Recluse Spider, the sneaky punk of the spider kingdom. This happened while convalescing in my private bunk room on Block Island, 13 miles off the South Coast of Rhode Island in the Atlantic Ocean at coordinates 41°10′11″N 71°34′48″W. It was a sucker punch for sure.

As to my condition at the time of this dictation, its full days of mind clearing pain, chills, fever and the like.  Also, it is a mighty struggle to walk. In addition, I have been diagnosed with general confusion and something called “speculation melancholy”.  The last 96 hours has been a series of loosely hung experiences: bright hospital hallways, Formica, wall chart, nurse, blood pressure, prodding, cold hands, conferring, waiting, waiting….

Also, they are also treating me for the debilitating Lyme disease because that is just good medical thinking. I have retreated heavily into the meds and pain killers now and I plan to sleep until I am due in Vermont on Saturday at Solar Fest. Not to worry, I am surely on the mend and will be back up and rolling soon. The island is wild and sometimes the bear eats you. At least that is what Brother Chris is always saying. Except I don’t think there are any bears on Block Island, although I did have a Mojito with Chicago football great Dick Butkus at Dead Eyes Dick’s in the New Harbor once. Onward without fear.

Westerly, RI 


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