Magic Beans, March 2021

“You should never hesitate to trade your cow for a handful of magic beans.”  -Tom Robbins, Novelist/ Provocateur 

Dear Friends, 

Look at us. We are still here. Still hanging on. Amazing. After a full year of trouble and change we…

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A Slow Walk Against A Steady Wind

My Dearest Friends, 

This is a note of thanks for those of you that have tuned into my weekly online series: THE MDB SONG HOUR. 

Every Wednesday night at 7 PM Eastern Standard Time I get to play the role…

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October Streams and Taking It To The Streets

Hello Good Friends, 

I will have three online shows and one live outdoor this month.  Had things gone differently, I would’ve been on a short tour this weekend with my great friend Danielle Miraglia but such is life. So now…

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The Last Days of Summer 2020

I write this as summer folds up its tent in what has been a very challenging year. From my view tonight on the front porch of the world famous National Hotel on Block Island in Rhode Island, the moon has…

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My July 4th Message to You

Hello Dear Friends, 

Happy Fourth of July. I hope that with the beginning of summer, you find yourself with hope in your heart and an overarching feeling to carry on and make the best of where we find ourselves now…

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Love In Every Way--VIDEO-4/14/20

 I made up a song and decided to play it on wooden guitar and sing it into the video machine so it could be heard. I hope the song provides you some distraction, comfort and a bit of good feeling…

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