Mahalo: Marc Douglas Berardo New Moon Sept 2022


The September sky over old Harbor was spectacular when I sat down at the empty outside bar to speak into my handheld phone machine to dictate this note to you. Clouds parted just enough to reveal A pinhole of golden light, one night after the harvest moon, shining down on the Carol Jean as she lay ready for the first morning run to Pt. Judith. The view is an oil painting come to life. I sip my drink and I stare. It feels like it might be time to move on from this place. Rejoin the bigger world. The big sky is calling out. There are songs to chase and friends to visit with. New moon phase coming.  I take another minute to linger over the view. Time out of mind. Very good medicine. 

Susie Markland, my fearless and highly organized friend and manager, will be ready to greet me in Nashville on September 21 as the Americana Music Fest ends. 

We will get into the Element Touring Vehicle and convey ourselves to the west. It is time for Colorado and this year I am concentrating on house concerts. There is no experience better for my songs than a gathering of people who are ready to receive the music. It is a warm and beautiful way to communicate. The first stop is Berthoud, Colorado, and MILE HIGH MUSIC! It will be great to see MEGAN BURTT again. She performed last March at my HARBOR SONGS show in Rhode Island and blew the room away. Megan is a very special songwriter and performer. 

Being in Colorado is my chance to play with one of the very best bass players I am lucky to know: Steve Combs. Steve was a huge part of my record Harbor that we made under the watchful eye of Professor Dick Neal in the ancient times of 2006. Any chance I get to play with Steve is incredible but this year we made it one better. Steve runs the Littleton Bass School and he has started the LBS HOUSE CONCERT SERIES.  He will be hosting and playing in this first SHOW of the series on 9/24 at 7 PM. Fantastic! This will truly be a very special weekend. 

Then I make a run out to the big state of Wyoming for a free show on Sunday, September 25 at 1:30 PM hosted by THE NIOBRARA COUNTY MUSIC SERIES. held at The Congregational Church. 120 E. 5th ST, Lusk, WY.  Who do you know in Wyoming? Send them to the show! 

The whole Colorado/ Wyoming adventure thing ends with the Central Platte Music Series at 17 & Chestnut in downtown Denver on 9/26 at 11:30 AM. 

After all of that, if anyone is still standing, we point that Honda machine back towards Nashville.  Stay tuned for there may be a pop-up show scheduled for 9/28 at BROWN'S DINER, currently doing some renovation is ready to go.  Details will be announced on my WEBSITE

There is an amazing show planned with good friend Nashvillian AMELIA WHITE (Amelia is serious business when it comes to singing and playing songs) and my Americanafest friend RENEE WAHL  at  DEES COUNTRY COCKTAIL LOUNGE  just outside of Nashville at 9 PM on September 30. We are going to have a good time!! 

All of this leads up to the Mecca for songwriters: THE BLUEBIRD CAFE, Nashville on Oct 4 at 9 PM! I will be in the round with AMELIATHOMM JUTZ, and a reunion with my brother WALT WILKINS. Sweet mercy. Can you come to The Bluebird ready to sing your best.? I live for this sort of thing!!!  TICKETS go on sale on 9/27 at 8 AM. Reservations are pretty much required if you want to be inside for the show. 

In other news, I have now released two singles this year, "THE HARD PART" and Waiting on a Brand New Day. Both had accompanying videos.  Of both, I am very proud. If you haven’t seen the new video for "WAITING ON A BRAND NEW DAY", please give it a listen and be sure to like the video and subscribe to my YOUTUBE channel. More on the way. 

Also please stream both the songs on Apple Music or Spotify. That is always a great way to show your support for the music!  You can find links to all my music and streaming sites HERE. 

OK, it’s time to gather up my things from this empty bar. I can hear the sound of the last call revelers walking back to their boats. José, the night watchman, will wave at me from a distance gently hoping I will move on to leave him to watch this old hotel until morning. I will retreat to my bunkhouse and dream of the possibilities. I will dream of songs. I will dream of you. 

The National Hotel, Block Island, RI USA 

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