MDB’s Newsletter for March 2024

Hello. Handshakes. High fives.

Just a few brief words in case you like to keep track of music events of all sorts particularly ones where I am appearing.  I wanted to get the word out that I will be performing as a special
guest for Ari Hest on Friday, March 8 @ 7 PM Jammin’ Java in Vienna,

Ari was my guest at my Harbor Songs show in February in Rhode Island. He blew the room away. Ari Hest is a very deep songwriter, but he is also an incredibly nice dude. 

Ari is Grammy-nominated and also quite tall. Part of his story is that he released two records on Columbia Records. That’s the equivalent of joining a club whose members include Bob Dylan, Billy Joel, Barbra Streisand… the list goes on. He recently made a duets record, Silver Skies Blue with the legendary Judy Collins. He is serious business. If you are in the big mixing bowl, that is the Washington DC area, please come out to the show. 

I leave directly after that to head back to Texas, USA! It’s South By Southwest time. To that, I have two appearances as part of the week-long celebration of American music. On Tuesday, March 12, I’m at the Saxon Pub (one of my favorite rooms) at about 2:45 in the afternoon.  

On Saturday, March 17, I will join some friends at 1 PM for a set at NeWorlDeli in Austin, Texas. It’s a deli that also has song makers, singing songs. Come have a corn beef and rye, and make the scene. My buddy Terry Klein is in charge and there are a whole lotta great players all day long.

On, that very same day I start a short Texas Tour with my great friend, producer, and mentor Walt Wilkins. It’s always a big deal to be on stage with Walt. He is an emotional powerhouse and a Texas legend. He is also incredibly kind and generous but most of all the laughs are deep. All the dates are down below. I hope to see so many of my Texas compadres. (Translation: Texas friends).

So, that is March for me. I am grateful for the work and I am grateful for your friendship.  

And other big news (at least the way I see it), my new record “The Beauty Of This Now” has an official release date of May 31. 

I have not one but two high-powered and well-respected radio promoters working on the record’s release. I am very excited to get it out into the world. It has been a long trail that I could not have walked without my beautiful Kickstarter friends.

We will be sending out a lot of information about pre-orders and fulfilling our kickstart pre-sales. That will all be coming up real soon. Hot damn.

Ok. Thank you for listening to the State of my Union address. I am
lucky to know you and I am honored to be your friend.

With affection,
Philadelphia, PA 

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