This is a letter to you to tell you about how me and my friends are going to celebrate the end of August and the winding down of summer. We are going to get together and we are going to sing from our hearts. It’s gonna be fun.

It’s time for WALT WILKINS to come up to the Northeast and spread his special kind of magic on the 2023 SONGS AND STORIES SUMMER TOUR. In his own words: 

“I chose to go full-time on this road 25 years ago. It's been a spiritual quest, an amazing trip, at turns heartbreaking & transcendent. In that time I've made 9 solo records, 4 records with The Mighty Mystiqueros, 1 with my wife Tina, and there's a live record with my friend  Kevin Welch.  I've had 100 or more songs recorded by other artists, traveled a fair part of the world, and had some very, very large times."

Walt is a lifer. A true authentic. An important link in the American song line. When Walt sings, he changes the room. People leave feeling inspired and moved. They feel things in their soul. It’s a good night out.

So, we are going to roll around New England for a little bit. Cape Cod, Boston, Long Island, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. Not a long tour, but a solid little ramble. Of course, it’s way more fun to do with more friends so we will be joined by one of my very favorites, GRACE MORRISON, in Cape Cod, and Boston, and the mighty CARLEANS in my hometown of Westerly, Rhode Island. If you have been in any of my Harbor Songs over the past couple of years you know how much fun it is to get the songwriters up on stage, and the songs stripped down. It’s a chance to tell the stories and get inside of the music. It’s also my idea of solid fun.

So, I hope you will join us at one of the shows. All of the details are at the link below. There are a few house concerts and some great venues, including the KNICKERBOCKER MUSIC CENTER  in RI and THE BURREN in Somerville, MA.

Walt Wilkins has just finished producing a new record for me and it was an incredible experience. So I know I have some new songs to share.

OK, I hope you’ll come to see us. I love seeing you there. It means everything to me.

Block Island, RI
Aug 17, 2023

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